The freedom of religion has some limitations. It is important to note that although few religions believe that an individual is considered an adult when he or she reaches at the age of twelve. Hitherto, the courts have ruled after the passage of time any effort to place that in the impact by facilitating the marriage to the people of that age might legally be restricted. Moreover, whilst, there have been rulings that the sacrificed of the animals are considered as legal as per the rule of the religion. Though it must be noted that the human sacrificed are considered as illegal and unlawful in that religion. Therefore, it can be conferred from the above discussions that religions have provided freedom to do a specific act in some cases. However, the same activities are prohibited and considered illegal in some situations in the same context. Similarly, religions provide freedom to people to take their decisions by themselves, but they are prohibited to take any decision by themselves in some conditions. For instance, for college level students, it is allowed in religion that they can take their decisions by their own but in some cases such as hiring assignment writers, Australia, in order to prepare the Cheap Assignment |assignment-clock for the students, is considered as illegal for them to take such decisions. So, it proves that there are many limitations in every religion besides the freedom which that religion provides to their followers across the world.

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