Drug abuse is the consumption of illegal drugs or misuse of medical prescriptions for at least a year with adverse consequences. It is also referred to as substance abuse, hallucinogen abuse or narcotic abuse (University of Maryland Medical Centre). Over the years, drug abuse has been widespread due to many factors resulting in mental health disorders and conditions among its users. With its numerous negative consequences appears the problem of societal poverty and social crimes. This article seeks to review strategies of containing drug abuse problem to promote health. Among the widely abused drugs are narcotic marijuana, medical marijuana, phencyclidine, lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, cocaine, amphetamine, opioids, and inhalants (University of Maryland Medical Centre). Abuse of these drugs has been associated with numerous effects. One major problem associated with drug abuse is addiction. This refers to a condition where an individual must always use the drug. The abuser always has that craving for the drug. Without it, an individual appears sick and feels like he/she cannot function properly. It is because of the desire to meet this craving need that most drug abusers turn to social unacceptable vices such as robbery, stealing, and trickery just to get means of accessing drugs. As the adage goes, it is superior to teach a man how to fish than give him a fish. In as much as both meet the primary need of the hungry, man one is for a moment, whereas the other is for a lifetime. The same applies to the approach to drug abuse. One can opt to treat or control clinical conditions arising from drug abuse, but the method with long-lasting benefits that solve the problem entails teaching the whole society about drug abuse. This will entail what drug abuse is, commonly abused drugs, forms of drug abuse, and the reasons why people take drugs Moreover, problems arising from drug abuse should also be highlighted and explained. The problem that should not be missed is what is required to do in order to avoid drug abuse. One key problem that has contributed to substance abuse has been unemployment among the youth in most countries. The lack of an activity to preoccupy an individual causes laziness and boredom. Afterwards utmost desperation occurs. This is where drugs become handy. Supposing our youths could have something to do, then drug abuse could not be an issue. One of the ways to deal with this is to encourage such youths to engage in activities that would enhance their development. This may involve learning new skills, playing games or performing community work. Regarding unemployment, emphasis should be put on skills that could lead to self-employment or that are income generating, such as games, carpentry, gymnastics, and others. Over the years, drug abuse has been associated with poor social upbringing or coming from families that have poor relationship. The family is expected to be a source of refuge to most people. However, once it does not live up to its billing, most people turn to drugs out of frustration and the lack of social support. Commercial television advertisements should outline the connection between family support and drug abuse. Parental-child relationship should be improved, and mutual respect should develop. Children should not fear their parents, so that they are free to talk on anything affecting them. Since most teenagers try out many things, their activities should be carefully monitored. An educated society is a rich society. To promote an end to drug abuse as a means of improving mental health of a community, its members should be educated on the role of the whole community in eradicating this problem. All individuals must not sell drugs to people under the age of twenty-one. Just like in nature where there are optimal periods for certain events, substance abuse among the youths has been associated with certain time periods and seasons. Most often, this is during the school holidays. However, day time from three to seven in the evening is seen as the opportune time for most young people. It is at this time where supervision is also at its lowest. This is the time where activities leading to drug abuse take place. As such, after-school youth programs have been developed to offer youths an alternative to avoid substance abuse. This has brought together stakeholders from different walks of life to help combat drug abuse problem. A clear example is shown by the creation of the Neutral Zone, a center with youth activities by the police chief of Mountlake Terrace in Washington. With this gang related crime dropped by 90%. The initiative was the reason the chief won the National Crime Prevention Council award. One may think that physicians as the one charged with the responsibility of our health care are invincible to drug and substance abuse. This is not the case. Physicians’ knowledge of medication gives them chances to self-medicate. Also, with drugs having aspects that are beneficial to an individual doctor will no doubt use them on themselves. This has been especially prevalent with anesthetists. In addition, with the lifestyle most doctors have mainly arising from job stress, drug abuse by medics should not be alarming, because some drugs are known to relieve pain and cause the ‘feel good’ factor. People who have shined in various fields of life are known to be role models for many individuals. One such field is sports. However, the field is not as smooth as one might suppose it to be considering the high levels of competitiveness exhibited by various sportsmen with some going the whole way to use performance enhancing drugs to have an undue advantage over others. This forms another pillar for drug abuse that may eventually lead to health deterioration. To prevent these organizations from arranging various sporting events, such as athletics, we have to put in place measures to check those involved in such crimes. Programmes and measures reducing doping therefore go a long way in reducing ill health arising from drug overdependence for performance in sports. Another program that seems to be successful in addressing the drug abuse issue is through the use of celebrities who were once victims of drug abuse. Most celebrities, especially singers, are always at pressure to deliver their performance to the level where the audience will be thrilled. However, this is not always the case. Most singers have admitted using drugs to enhance their confidence levels on stage that eventually leads to addiction. With them being role models for most young people, the point of drug abuse as disadvantageous in the long run would be emphasized. A celebrity talking through his or her life encounters with drugs that have a detrimental impact on their health. In today’s world, a number of health issues affecting individuals are not just due to a physical medical condition. This is not the case. A good number of illnesses arise from factors affecting one’s mind. They are psychological. This, obviously, if present and persistent for a long time, will cause mental illnesses. Depression, negligence, work stress, traumatic events, the lack of basic social needs, isolation, and poor bad companies are just some of the issues that would eventually lead to such conditions. To cope up with such stressors, most young people get involved in drug and substance abuse that eventually leads to poor health. It is vital that programmes aimed at influencing the psychology of individuals are put in place to stop such occurrences. Among measures, the government should introduce teaching of ways on how to cope with stress in schools. This may be either meditation or exercises to cope with anxiety. In addition, the existence of guiding and counseling units has seen a tremendous drop in cases of depression. It is said that the importance of history is that it helps us to learn from the failures of those who were before us and therefore prepare well for the future and challenges that might occur. In the medical literature, one’s history from his/her family is of extreme importance in the diagnosis of diseases. Some diseases are inherited. A child coming from backgrounds where drug abuse is the order of the day has the highest chance to practice substance abuse. In fact, to some this may appear normal. Setting up of youth centers where children from all walks of life come together in forums to discuss such problems is one of the best ways to solve a drug abuse problem. The usage of most prohibited drugs is normally associated with their beneficial effects, such as the loss of inhibition and shyness. Thus, an individual has a tendency to act spontaneously. Other positive impacts of drugs include increased appetite, euphoria, and relief of chronic pains. With all these perceived benefits it is important that programmes aimed at alleviating drug abuse clearly bring out why the wrong use of drugs is harmful to one’s health. It is only through thorough education of people and removal of conditions predisposing one to drug use that the war on drug abuse will be won. Tom Bailey is an expert writer at quality essays. The main area he works with is an academic field.

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